When science showed in the 70s that gas stoves produced harmful indoor air pollution, the industry reached for tobacco’s PR playbook by:

✖️ casting doubt on negative findings
✖️ funding its own biased research

There’s still plenty of debate about whether gas stoves belong in homes, but it’s important to know where the “evidence” comes from, and to expose the tactics that vested interest groups have used for years.


#Climate #ClimateJustice #EnergyTransition

@TheConversationUS in all honesty, the amount of woodburning done in residential areas shows that reduction of air quality by gas stoves is not something people worry about. If they would, woodstoves would be illegal in residential areas. But here we are, coughing away due to the neighbours "cosy warmth".


@JorisMeys @TheConversationUS i think we should be able to return fire. damage my cardiopulmonary system? i should be allowed to damage yours.

same goes with smokers.

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