it's insane, chatgpt now functions as a stand-in for my working memory of syntax and 3p library api shape, and i'm a 10x (or at least a 5-7x) programmer again.

@sneak What do you mean exactly by 'working memory of syntax' ?


@danymat i have not memorized the syntax of any programming language except perhaps c (which i learned when i was 13-ish). every time i write a new structure method in go or a list comprehension in python or destructure an array in javascript i have to go look at existing code to do so. i also can't ever remember if a for loop's second arg finish check is == or >=. i code by looking at existing code constantly because i simply cannot memorize syntax unless i am using it daily.

@sneak new gpt4o should be helping you a lot then, so much quicker

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