it is only a matter of time before there are major motion pictures made by indie teams or even single people without the use of a camera.

some of these will go viral and will be insanely popular.

hollywood's capital-gated private club of big budget/costly production is about to be broken. within a few years $1000-5000 in compute rental will allow people to seriously compete with a multimilliondollar production.

This should have happened to music — and to a degree it did: I'm mostly listening to artists that even my friends might not know the names of.
But as information landscape is changing, now mostly consisting of myriads of bubbles — of considerable size, but still nowhere as big as "pop culture" used to be, big names seem to be in demand again: Taylor Swift and all that.
So it's not about production costs — people seem to want to be into the same thing millions of others are.

I don't know, but maybe its' about PR budgets now 🤷
Movie and record companies seem to have figured out what "going viral" is and how it works. I don't think that it means that they will get rid of all the smaller fish, but they aren't threatened by it either — both seem to be able to coexist.

@m0xee @sneak they seem to have no other way to find a sense of belonging.

That is so! And it's not like all these people are going to disappear soon — there are those who want to belong to something big, they want to be able to discuss latest movie/album with complete strangers.
Recording and movie industries has lost grip when they failed to embrace the social media. Now seem to have regained it, but they have let the underground/independent go — the profit margins are too little, the term doesn't even make sense anymore — it's too decentralized.

Yup, they've found a way to get mass conformity just as they did with pandemic fears. Playing upon the very commonly shared fear of death in our insular and sterilized world. Now its this artificial obsession over a few corporate artists with entirely new avenues to hawk merchandise and sell air time. The merchant rubs his hands.

We will need to exercise similar methods to stake cultural captivation. Hopefully reaching most of the disaffected young White men, but we also have messages to send everyone in this world.

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