i fucking hate giving adobe money but i'm still not ready to use cracked lightroom because it has so much valuable shit stored in it. at least i downgraded from the $600/year full creative cloud to the $250/year lightroom-and-photoshop-only one. fuck adobe.

please someone replace lightroom with something usable (it isn't darktable, shhh)

Why don’t you make something better since it’s so easy instead of crying about Adobe?
@bot @sneak just use Capture One it’s way better than Lightroom
I doubt he’d prefer that since it still costs money. Though there is a standard license model…

@bot @gray i mean if i switch i'm switching to a cracked version obviously

That’s very dishonest, but I really don’t care if you choose to get your computer hacked.
Stealing from others for your own personal gain is dishonest.
You did. You admitted you’d steal and exploit the work of others for your personal gain, even though that work is essential to your workflow.

@bot @gray and you must have missed the part where i say i'm not a capture one user? how do you jump from that to "essential to your workflow"? the mind reels


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