@sneak #Funfact: You can literally do #Apple #AdapterPolonaise to this day:

Like USB-C -> Lightining -> Dock Connector &
Thunderbolt 3 -> Thunderbolt 2 -> FireWire -> ADB

Also Apple's unwillingness to admit that #Lightning was shit from Day 1 AND that their #AntiRepairDesign does outweight any #Recyling and #Sustainability efforts they claim to do...

@kkarhan lightning was a vast improvement over everything else available and i'm glad they did it and i'm glad they stuck with it. also i'm fairly certain that apple invented usb-c and put it through the usb-if so it wouldn't be associated with them and would become universal. it's basically just like lightning v2.


No, #Lightning was a proprietary bullshit solution and #Apple's #licensing as well as poor quality of it's cables and the tendency for said contacts to corrode made it worse than if they had just chosen to make a miniature version of #MagSafe with USB 2.0 in it.

Also no, Apple didn't invent #USBc and with their bs connector actively stifled it's adoption.

Stop excusing a corporations bad choices because to them you are worth less then the revenue you make them.

@kkarhan the amount of money apple makes from lightning is irrelevant to apple. it's purely about improving the UX of the phone over the 30 pin dock connector and micro/mini-usb. obviously.

@sneak It's not about #UX because otherwise they would've #OpenSource'd it or worked together with other manufacturers to make a better alternative.

They could've adopted #Qi+ as charging standard but chose not to.

They could've chosen to make a connector like with the #iPad's Keyboard Covers, but chose not to.

Like with the #AntiRepairDesign, #Apple doesn't care about it's customers or users beyond how they can maximize profit...

And demanding #MFi #licensing fees is a way to fleece Fans...

@kkarhan @sneak
A long time ago Apple were better at graphics than anything else around, and people are still swishing their skirts "oh I only use Apple" to this very day.


@TheDailyBurble @kkarhan yes that's definitely why apple has been the most valuable company in the world several times

@TheDailyBurble Unlike @sneak 's fan-tinted glasses #Apple exceeds inspite of it's issues and because competitors are bad - not because Apple is good...

I do acknowledge what they do best tho...

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