@sneak #Funfact: You can literally do #Apple #AdapterPolonaise to this day:

Like USB-C -> Lightining -> Dock Connector &
Thunderbolt 3 -> Thunderbolt 2 -> FireWire -> ADB

Also Apple's unwillingness to admit that #Lightning was shit from Day 1 AND that their #AntiRepairDesign does outweight any #Recyling and #Sustainability efforts they claim to do...

@kkarhan lightning was a vast improvement over everything else available and i'm glad they did it and i'm glad they stuck with it. also i'm fairly certain that apple invented usb-c and put it through the usb-if so it wouldn't be associated with them and would become universal. it's basically just like lightning v2.


No, #Lightning was a proprietary bullshit solution and #Apple's #licensing as well as poor quality of it's cables and the tendency for said contacts to corrode made it worse than if they had just chosen to make a miniature version of #MagSafe with USB 2.0 in it.

Also no, Apple didn't invent #USBc and with their bs connector actively stifled it's adoption.

Stop excusing a corporations bad choices because to them you are worth less then the revenue you make them.


@kkarhan the amount of money apple makes from lightning is irrelevant to apple. it's purely about improving the UX of the phone over the 30 pin dock connector and micro/mini-usb. obviously.

@sneak It's not about #UX because otherwise they would've #OpenSource'd it or worked together with other manufacturers to make a better alternative.

They could've adopted #Qi+ as charging standard but chose not to.

They could've chosen to make a connector like with the #iPad's Keyboard Covers, but chose not to.

Like with the #AntiRepairDesign, #Apple doesn't care about it's customers or users beyond how they can maximize profit...

And demanding #MFi #licensing fees is a way to fleece Fans...

@kkarhan you are applying your bias, and it's only negatively affecting you. apple doesn't work with other manufacturers because they're slow and because of the osborne effect, obviously. iphones have become more repairable over time, you may note...

mfi licensing doesn't really make any significant money for apple. would you agree that it's not fleecing if that is true?

@sneak It doesn't affect me at all, since I've never wasted a single cent nor show escalating commitment to evidently bad solutions...

But then again: #Apple fans would likely find justifications for a #Paywalled shutdown fnction just as Apple fans find justifications for every #AntiRepair - Assholeism Apple pulled.

@kkarhan @sneak
A long time ago Apple were better at graphics than anything else around, and people are still swishing their skirts "oh I only use Apple" to this very day.

@TheDailyBurble @sneak Granted, there are some things #Apple is excellent in.

#Accessibility for example and their #FinalCut and #LogicPro software as well as general #UI & #UX of #macOS & #iOS.

but #Lightning is just one of those things that are unjustifyable by any means...

@kkarhan @sneak
I'm afraid I long ago lost track of all the added and exclusive features. Originally I couldn't afford one so was spared, and now I can but I'm not tempted because being locked in just isn't my thing.

@TheDailyBurble @sneak same for me.

I mean, I do acknowledge the good things they do, and people who code for a living like @fuchsiii love the enormous battery runtime and sleek integration.

It's why "Premium" Apps are mostly offered for #macOS & #iOS as there are about a dozen devices to be supported at any given time compared to an absurd amount of them for #Android, #Windows and #Linux.

@TheDailyBurble @sneak but to me the cost of that is just not acceptable.

Like riveting a keyboard in place, making the repair absurdly complex and costly...

@TheDailyBurble @sneak ...when there's no benefit to it even from a manufacturing standpoint, as every other manufacturer can do #repairable designs...


@TheDailyBurble @sneak

But #Apple chose to "#ThinkDifferent" for the sake of being different and also being able to overcharge customers...

Not because it's innovative or whatever...

@kkarhan @sneak @fuchsiii
For me it was always basically being locked in down the line is going to cause problems, so after a bit of research I veered away.

@TheDailyBurble @sneak same for me.

As a #SysAdmin I've to constantly use #tools that #Apple won't ever allow in their #AppStore and I need to have control over my systems.

@kkarhan @sneak Yep, when the walls on the walled garden are that tight, sooner or later some basic functionality is going to be a problem.

@kkarhan @sneak @fuchsiii
I do remember when Apple was the best option for anything art or graphic though - miles ahead, but the world turns, things change and there are better options with less hassle.

@TheDailyBurble @sneak again: Depends...

If you're stuck on #Adobe's shit, then even #Windows-Fanboys like #LinusTechTips would rather bite the bullet and shove $$$$$ up #Apples's rear...

But for his company that's just a business expense...

Your situation may vary depending on your toolchain, and yes if I have the option between #Windows and #macOS I'd rather #Hackintosh or get an #M1 #MacMini instead.

@kkarhan @sneak True. I was always a wary creature so none apply. The one smart thing Apple did was tap into the demographic who are ok paying through the nose for boasting rights. It reminds me of the days when people were boasting about how many "jewels" they had in their watches.
That was probably vendor lock too, of some kind, although we didn't know enough to call it. Then digital watches arrived.

@kkarhan @sneak
I'm hearing you can use the latest phone as a room heater too. It's innovative right enough.

@TheDailyBurble @kkarhan yes that's definitely why apple has been the most valuable company in the world several times

@TheDailyBurble Unlike @sneak 's fan-tinted glasses #Apple exceeds inspite of it's issues and because competitors are bad - not because Apple is good...

I do acknowledge what they do best tho...

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