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What the F’ing hell is this shit?

“We are not raising the price of any of your plans; we are moving you to a newer plan with more benefits at a different cost," T-Mobile instructs employees to say.

who is the best user on your TL? i need more people to follow.

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Dear people of the fediverse: someone expressing an opinion about a controversial topic that you happen to disagree with does not constitute spreading disinformation. Thank you for attending my TED talk.

@tristansnell what evidence is there that 50% of the russian military is destroyed?

gaza hasn’t had an airport since 2001 when israel bombed it and made it inoperable.

"I, for one, welcome our new cybernetic totalitarian overlords."

i subscribe to the gender binary, and resultantly i have 10 balls

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@teezeh did kraftwerk write a song with lyrics about sparkasse?

very excited for my $500 8TB external SSD to arrive tomorrow

dear historians: i was there when "sleepy" became "eepy", it was supposed to be a cute shortening but then it just stuck everywhere because it's unambiguous

@teezeh deutsche bank is fucking terrible, i can do some weird "phototan" system but it involves receiving post in a timely fashion in .de to activate and persist use of. SMS always works.

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25% increase week on week in Covid hospital admissions in England - increases seen across all regions except London. The latest wave continues.

Note that this is not (yet?) the new variant BA.2.86 ("Pirola") which is a small % of sequenced cases, but mostly Omicron XBB variants.

dear : i would like a free software CMS that i can use to back a static site like jekyll or hugo. even if it's just a simple CRUD thing that can make the whole thing available as a JSON URL, i can write twenty lines of script to write out a jekyll `_posts` from that. please advise.

@paoloredaelli stop complaining that people do things with code you gave away, that's the point of open source

it's crazy how much better the code search in github has become now that microsoft runs it.

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