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wow, random numbers really get the kooks out of the woodwork, eh?

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I’m sorry, but if all you’re offering is parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, then I’m skipping your fair. Get a dunk tank. Sell some CBD glasses wipes. Something else

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Last night, I started paying $5/mo for #sourcehut. Based on the UI alone, it doesn't seem to be as "modern" as solutions like GitLab, GitHub, Gitea, etc. When you started reading the documentation, however, holy shit. The amount of time Drew must have put into developing it is insane and $5 is really the *least* I can do. If I had more money to give, I would; in an ideal world, I would be perfectly happy giving $20-$30/mo for sourcehut.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend looking into it. Don't just stop at the surface-level docs either; really dig into them and see for yourself what all it can do.

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> Google is now banning the popular Linux browsers named Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser from logging into Google services because they may not be secure.
> [...] a browser may be blocked from signing in for the following reasons:
> - Don’t support JavaScript or have Javascript turned off.

So Google says that not only is JavaScript not harmful, it actually __improves__ your security.

This has to be the hottest take I've seen this year. :brain4:
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Serious question: why Discord? Have we learned nothing from Facebook, and is #Matrix not a good alternative? 🤔

why in the actual fuck does postmates search show me a bunch of businesses that are closed and not able to be ordered from?! why does the menu labeled “filter” not allow me to filter things i can actually buy?!

this app is literally just a list of things i can’t get right now.

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FBI secretly demands a ton of consumer data from credit agencies. Now lawmakers want answers | TechCrunch -

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Police exist so that when someone is unemployed white people still have a manager they can speak to

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GNU's Not Unix
GNU's Not Unix Not Unix
GNU's Not Unix Not Unix Not Unix
GNU's cannot allocate memory on stack

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I decided to go back to Unfortunately, censors the instance - the largest and ideologically neutral Polish language server. This is unacceptable for me because I come from Poland and I want to keep in touch with the users of my national instance.

My new account:

I encourage you to keep track of my new account! :mastodance:

#fediverse #censorship #freedom #101010pl #mastodon #fedifreespeech

opinion: people who sit on the floor on the dance floor near the stage at a dance music event (who are abled and capable of standing without distress) are stupid and somewhat unsafe. do your ketamine in the back, you boring bastards: you are a fall hazard

nothing he said describes any publicly-known technology newer than 1970, and spacex has publicly demonstrated rocket-based landing that is iirc within human G tolerances

i wonder how AGPL authors would feel about me wholesale automirroring their foss repos to github from their self-hosted gitea instances so i can easily keep track by starring them

contemplating a new career as a grave robber, but only of orphans, so that nobody alive is harmed

anyone who causes another to become distressed (even if that distress is entirely unwarranted) in any way receives social pressure to be quiet without an evaluation of the merit of the request.

this, of course, becomes a weaponized technique for shutting down any discussion they don't want other people to have.

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