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TIL the word Kartellwächter and that's pretty amazing. Almost as great as Antibabypille. English could learn a thing or two from its ancestor language.

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"figuring out how to navigate through life a little more efficiently" is how steve jobs in 2007 described the most important new internet apps. it's still true today.

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- discord can delete your account at any time for any reason, cutting you off from all of your servers
- discord will lock out your account and force you to enter in a phone number at their discretion/use of vpns
- discord may even demand to talk to you on the phone if you use vpns/tor
- discord regularly reads private dms or private servers to determine account deletion
- messages are not E2E encrypted and there will always be an unencrypted copy stored on their servers
- discord can provide messages to any third party they wish at any time, such as governments or companies without any legal obligation or requirement to let you know
- messages are not deleted when the account is deleted
- discord decrypts voice chats in flight, who knows what they're doing with it, they could have saved every single vc and there's nothing you can do about it:
- discord's app is proprietary so there's no idea of what it could be monitoring on your computer
- discord silently tracks all your activity by default: This probably includes any actions in discord, but also usage patterns like connection times and IP addresses

TLDR: if you oppose censorship, value privacy, or don't want to be datamined out the ass then don't use discord

XMPP is an open-source protocol that supports E2E encryption, offline messages, file uploads, video and audio chats, and more. There are hundreds of clients for all different devices, so if you don't like one then you can always try another. With any of these apps, make sure to enable OMEMO encryption, normally its just a lock icon that you can enable.

A couple of recommendations to get you started:

- Siskin:
- ChatSecure:
- Monal:

- Conversations: Xabber:

- Siskin (iOS/Mac):
- Monal (iOS/Mac):
- Gajim (Windows/Linux):
- Dino (Linux):

wow, watching steve jobs recite this alan kay quote, >10 years ago, on this week that apple just shipped macs sporting their own chips, gave me literal chills:

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The kraken speaks!

@rop_g: I found out what happened with all these QAnon nuts wanting to follow me all of a sudden. It's funny. It all started with an interview on Fox, where Lou Dobbs speaks to Sidney Powell, attorney for Michael Flynn and now also of Trump.…

@rop_g: In the interview, she claims to have lots of damaging information about Dominion, one of the major voting machine companies in the US. At the end of the interview, she claims they will "Release the kraken", and all will be good. (A common right-wing trope these days.)

@rop_g: Now to the QAnon people, nothing is just a figure of speech. Everything has hidden meaning, a message just to them. (Any psychiatrist will tell you this is a common delusional pattern.) So, what does a good QAnon-sufferer do? "Research"

@rop_g: Which is Q-speak for wildly Googling about with a manic desire to see obscure connections. And in their state of mind this is way, way too easy. So they Google "kraken" and "voting systems" or "kraken" and "hackers" or something.

@rop_g: And ... up pops my wikipedia page, which has me appearing (in 1985) in a Dutch book called "Kraken en Computers", (which means "Hacking and computers", computerkraker was a common word for hacker back in the day.)…

@rop_g: The same page also talks about my involvement in showing weaknesses in voting machines and has some Wikileaks and Julian Assange thrown in for good measure. This settles it. They decoded the secret message!1!! I am Kraken and about to come forward to save Trump. Sigh...

@rop_g: Now it is well possible that there are all sorts of interesting things to find out about Dominion and other voting machine manufacturers if one digs deep enough; this entire industry is plenty shady. Do I think there was major fraud or that any of this will save Trump? No.

@rop_g: But what it will do is set the stage for an elaborate long-term alternate reality in which their beloved dictator did win the election but an evil voting machine company swapped the votes. Which will have all sorts of interesting implications going forward.

@rop_g: More broadly: the power-hungry have discovered that inequality, pandemic, climate and general dystopia is driving enough people over the edge psychologically that they become a formidable political force. A few smart ones are seeing that they created a monster, but it's too late.

@rop_g: If you believe that elections should convince the losers they lost, then a mainstream thing going forward will be somehow negotiating assurances regarding election outcomes with obscenely large and well-networked crowds of psychotic people.

my default branches have not been renamed, therefore you must assume i am a bad person.

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there are two hard problems in software engineering: cache invalidation, off-by-one errors, and not losing sight of the real, complex, manifold humans software is built by and for

i say that without malice or condescension; it's just that when you're a warrior at war, everything is the war, and nothing isn't.

that's not me. that is, however, a fair number of people on the internet these days.

i'm just some dude who cares about things.

people who call me an sjw because i mention in the comments section of websites that i don't like concentration camps or those who collaborate with the operators of same have never met a real sjw like @emsenn.

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@sneak if you believe that then you are who I am instructing to decenter your whiteness.

The "market" is a cultural construct, pointing to it isn't using facts any more than me pointing to stories of spiders and birds is. To think it exists uninfluenced by it's culture is indicative of a perspective that doesn't even know it holds a cultural identity.

In short, you're exactly the sort of arrogant person whose hunches about the world are believed with deep conviction, that is why I say "white non-mutuals don't reply to my posts." I ignored you stepping past that clear boundary because what you said was so casually supremacist, but now I'm going to stick by it. Don't talk to me, you don't understand my posts

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on macOS you can still run unsigned binaries, true. but if you're releasing software for mass consumption, not engaging with apple's services (e.g. apple id, developer program) is commercial suicide, as the OS is actively interfering with the ability of normal everyday users to run unapproved code:

you have to control/rightclick and "open" an app twice, and you get a modal two times, the first one doesn't even let you open it. both offer "move to trash" as default.

so long as disney holds copyright to star wars, don't promote the characters from it unless they're paying you. disney doesn't even pay what it owes. don't donate free advertising to them.

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