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i wonder how much the blowing up corporate art in fight club owes to the gassing of the office tower scene in neuromancer

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re: Indie games bullshit 

i would like to hire a remote assistant. does anyone have experience with such a thing?

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why is everybody in infosec such a film critic these days? i mean there are tons of bad actors don't get me wrong but you don't see me whining about them all day when i'm at work

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don't distribute your mac software as .pkg if it's just user applications. i don't want to give you root.

turns out that my lightroom cc (i have a valid subscription, but prevent it from phoning home) won't run anymore unless it can talk to the mothership, and i wanted to test out a crack for it in a vm, but my parallels desktop wasn't actually a purchase, but a 1 year subscription payment and now it's expired. fuck this bullshit, seriously.

"leadership is what happens when a leader figure causes a group to perform a goal-related activity which the group would not have performed without the leader’s influence."


what can i use to sync chromium bookmarks that isn't google?

rich white people talking about 2020's racial strife as if 2020 was something special and that america's racist bullshit hasn't been an ongoing multi-century slog for millions for generations and counting is... rage-inducing.

it sucks that people are so dumb that they only think about what the news tells them to think about.

having read some of the reports about the total clusterfuck of vaccine allocation and rollout, i'm coming to the realization that it's going to be summer or fall, not spring, before the vaccine is widely available to anyone who wants it.

this means that it will be fall or winter before travel and such is safe and reasonable again, and that's assuming no hospital-overflow-crisis or higher-transmissibility-variant issues throwing a wrench in things.

so, another whole year of isolation. fuck.

august and everything after, or, adam duritz sings the DSM-III

ps: A Long December is appropriate this month/year

be advised, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (the series 2, the new one) is not quite as high quality as the ~$180 price tag would suggest. mine's already got a stuck left bumper button, less than a month in. :(

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I don’t even know what day it is anymore, but Happy #Caturday!

stonks are up for us cyberpunks who have been here loving neon purple for decades, now that the cybertruck, that terrible movie, and that equally terrible video game have now propelled it back into fashion.

it's pretty amazing how much js has improved in the last 5-7 years

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