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old woman yelling at cloud 

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it's 2022 and bathtubs still don't have thermostats (nor half the flats in berlin)

remember that time lady gaga got them to air "fuck her face" repeatedly for months on broadcast radio and tv uncensored

the world population is now moving away from facts, a reversal of a centuries-old trend. i think the macro (thousands of years) is still fine but the local environment is getting worse.

your proposed gun control does not apply to police officers. do you really want the trump loyalists way better armed come jan 6 after trump's second term completes?

most beliefs held by most people are false

it's amazing how many objectively false things (which are nonetheless popular beliefs) gruber posts on daring fireball. apple doesn't do any shady union-busting, gun violence is only an american problem, cryptocurrency is only used for scams and fraud, et c.

i used to read him because he was insightful. now he's just an old parrot.

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my coworkers probably think my partners are one person and that they're the most powerful 10x'er alive because I brag about them all the time

the Forcibly Transmuted Into Computronium EP

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thinking of selling yuzu bonito NFTs. it's a ponzu scheme

lerna oh look more javascript tooling that didn't exist before and i have to learn and understand and write more json for (which was never meant to be a configuration language and lacks comments and should never be used for this purpose in a new tool) and probably won't exist in its current form in 36 months

is it javascript that's terrible or javascript people that opt into these nightmares that are terrible?

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The year is 2040.

You log into a cafe and your coffee-app automatically pops into the foreground till you order.

You select the UltraEthics choice which gives $0.50 to Starving Orphans Inc.

You read about the two political parties: Rich and More Rich, and wonder why nobody talks about anything else.

The coffee arrives, the cost automatically comes off your Musk-Coin, along with 2% PayPal fee.

Some idiot is trying to pay in cash. Unlike him you a pragmatist and just want to use what works.


you're just cheating yourself out of the free QA your userbase has done for you.

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