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"Trying to run a tech company without trans women would be like trying to run a Broadway musical without Jews."


did some light sysadminning and now my main beefy server has 50% free disk space

what's the best way to consume github/gitea repo event webhooks and run commands as a result?

forever a member of the eastern standard tribe regardless of physical location. happy new year, y'all.

what the fuck the dji apps don't work without an account now? how do you fly your drone in the wilderness without internet?

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From birdsite 

why is everyone predicting twitter's downfall now, when its burn rate is much better, and runway longer, and they were not before?

this anti-elon bias of late is really surprising to me. you'd think the guy were a robber baron, not someone trying to make EVs and rocket ships.

brb ddossing the NS records for .christmas

my mastodon fell over while i was traveling (didn't touch anything, i guess it just couldn't process its queues for some reason because it doesn't fail safe or whatever?) so now i'm running 15 queue workers instead of 5. who knows why this software needs so much TLC

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Or there needs to be a better list of Relays for people to add. The one that is on GitHub, most of them aren't responding.
#mastodonadmin #relays

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Long rant about Christianization of traditions in Germany, you might not like it 

i think today will be the last day i ever willingly choose to fly BA. they have been so shitty and rude this whole day.

shooting for Pynchon-level reclusiveness in 2023

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Yeah. My two 'facepalm moments' here in Germany were, why is everything monopolized by DT and why is no one using overhead lines (not horrible visual sores like this, just going through attic spaces of connected buildings).

At home I had three carriers in my building, two of them routed into my apartment, for barely $15/mo. Mine WERE visual sores tho, because i lived in a tall building among single story stuff.

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