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people will happily learn how to use discord bots and cs:go commands and minecraft plugins but will scoff at the idea of using a command lin e for anything

arbitrary kernel code exec vuln.... on your monitor.

how do we stop this ride i want to get off

i'm excited to go to a conference (Real World Crypto) where the first networking step will not be to have the other people install Signal

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Mom asked, "I wonder when cherries bloom in Japan?" So I found 1200 years of data online and made her a plot.

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this is the ideal dual monitor setup

you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

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currently imagining a device like a laptop except the keyboard is a little piano and there is a touch screen for controls and it boots up into a DAW-like interface, and it's got audio/MIDI I/O on the back. a little music workstation that you can carry around with you in a backpack.

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AirPods Pro: a left and right pair of earphones

AirPod Pro: either a left or right single earphone

AirPods Pros: multiple pairs of complete pairs of earphones

AirPod Pros: multiple single earphones, either left or right

AirPods Prose: shitposting about grammatical niceties related to earphones

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@amolith @frameworkcomputer

They have a serious battery issue with the 11th gen intel systems. If left turned off (and unplugged) for a couple of weeks, to a month or so, they are unable to turn on. Not even if subsequently plugged in.

So it has to be partially dissembled, both the main and RTC battery removed, and the mainboard has to be reset.

The advice they gave was to not unplug it....if you're going to leave it for a few weeks. There is no fix, and they've offered nothing to help.

If you use it every day, you probably won't see this. But I suggested that my partner get one, and she only uses it occasionally for work, so now we have a dedicated place for it to be plugged in all the time, so that it will (presumably) work when she really needs it. It's a lousy solution to a situation of their creation. They blame Intel, but the problem really has been pushed to me.

We reported this when it was under warranty, and they didn't fix it. Now that it's out, I guess it's just wait and see, and hope that this not inexpensive laptop keeps working. I have laptops much older that I feel I can count on to power up much more reliably than this thing.

Being able to power on is not really setting the bar that high for reliability.

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Found 1 new servers, 2 servers died off this update, 23,315 alive servers now at 2023-03-25 04:14 PT.

8,663,785 Total Users, 1,466,091 Monthly Active Users. Check out the stats!

New #fediverse servers found: a #lemmy server from Iceland

Dead servers:

Help others find a home, send them to

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10,240,479 accounts
+1,659 in the last hour
+40,050 in the last day
+302,238 in the last week

i think All Hail West Texas might be the best rock album ever made

replies should not disappear from my own mastodon instance when a remote user blocks me; that's like deleting emails from my own inbox.

the m2 macbook air (maxxed out, in black, natch) is the best computer i have ever owned. it's fucking remarkable.

you can't tinder in japan without doxxing yourself as it requires government ID for "age verification"

what a bullshit law

somewhat surprised google doesn't have a private fork of go where goroutines can be distributed across their millions of machines

even with the new "advanced data protection" which enables e2ee for more stuff in iCloud, contacts (that is, your whole social graph) and calendars are STILL not e2ee and readable by Apple and DHS without a warrant.

apple has updated HT202303 to be more clear that Apple has the keys to your device backups that include your iMessage history:


> iWork collaboration, the Shared Albums feature in Photos, and sharing content with “anyone with the link,” don’t support Advanced Data Protection. This means the shared content is not end-to-end encrypted even when Advanced Data Protection is enabled.

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CVE-2023-21036 / acropalypse is absolutely bonkers.

Apparently for 5+ years the cropping / editing tools for screenshots on Google Pixel phones was only overwriting the start of the screenshot PNG file, but not truncating.

All screenshots shared for the past 5+ years might have data recoverable from them. Demo available at

Google still hasn't communicated anything on this.

(h/t ItsSimonTime on Musk's site)

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