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Just in time for WWDC, I'd like to introduce you to my latest product:

Hat by PCalc

there are people that smoke on their balcony on one of the apartments adjacent to mine in berlin and when i have my bedroom windows open it smells like someone is smoking a cigarette in my bedroom.

i'm very, very, very slow to anger, but this immediately makes me want to murder motherfuckers where they stand.

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@alex would eating cast-off crustacean exoskeletons (from molts) be considered vegan?
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it's weird to see people who otherwise would support democracy and the rule of law cheering on the completely-without-due-process rounding up of gang members in el salvador which is very obviously a human rights violation on a massive scale

apple OS updates still transmit your ECID (unchangable permanent hardware identifier) in port 80 cleartext http on EVERY OS UPDATE on m1/m2/t2 for device-specific boot tickets. this allows intel agencies to track approximate location of all m1/m2/t2 macs on each update as they see the client IP and unique identifier across the backbones. this has been reported to apple multiple times, and they disallow such PII transmission unencrypted in all apps on the app store, but the OS still does it.

i didn't know until today how amazing liza minnelli is

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The Left: "The government have done terrible stuff to the black and POC communities and are committing genocide on our LGBT+ friends. The police are out of control. They need to be stopped"

Also the left: "Stop being so paranoid. The government aren't gonna start throwing you in prison for thinking things..."

i really need to update my mastodon instance but it is a custom hacked single container deployment and it ain't broke yet

frantically (last day) same day delivery ordering stuff to maximally pack my suitcase before going home to germany tomorrow where amazon delivery is total trash and same day is an impossible dream

apple blocks on internal apple store wi-fi so i can't look at my photography on the displays to see how they look :/

TIL the antivaxxers have switched to using the term "pureblood" to indicate unvaccinated.

pretty sure this is a more detailed write up of a few of my old HN comments, but i'm happy to see it regardless.

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