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> We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
> Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:
> #1) Respect the privacy of others.
> #2) Think before you type.
> #3) With great power comes great responsibility.
> For security reasons, the password you type will not be visible.

bro I literally own the machine

scenario 1: trump wins, trump becomes president again.

scenario 2: biden wins, trump supporters storm the capital again, this time with their rifles, and capital police are 10000% ready, and there is an *actual* insurrection, and battle (which the trumpites will lose, naturally), and all hell breaks loose.

both of these are bad. i don't know which is more bad, however. biden is also an old fool who is fucking everything up, just in orthogonal ways to how trump fucks everything up.

it occurs to me that is now better than napster ever was, even at its peak. there's more stuff on youtube than was ever on napster, and the average audio bitrate in mp3-equivalent is 160ish, which is more than the 128 that was most common on napster.

Apple products phone telemetry home to the host `` even when you have telemetry disabled in the OS.

now that they are so similar, the US and China should merge, and slowly strangle Russia, and bring Europe to heel. then the Earth would finally be conquered.

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it's almost 11. close to mid-day, but the sun isn't coming up much higher than this. here's my very long shadow.

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owo I got the two cute tvs connected to the laptop with HDMI. I still have one mini displayport left, so I guess this laptop can drive four displays (three external + built-in). (there is also a usb C port, but I think it's USB only.)

However because these are TVs and not monitors they are inferior. The edges of the view are off the screen and I can barely see the task bar. They identify as 1920x1080 when they are actually 1366x768. Text doesn't subpixel-smooth properly.

And they are not better than my laptop screen, the backlights are actually dimmer. The colors are more vivid though I guess, red is red, blue is blue and green is green, unlike on the laptop where red isn't quite red. But something else looks wrong, maybe the gamma and/or white balance or something (they look relatively purplish).

Anyway these are cheap TVs after all for watching video not displaying UIs. It's cool to experience all this screen space for the first time, I'm surrounded by corn lol (it just changed.) I need to get a few DVI to HDMI adapters, then I can use the real monitors which should perform much better (the Dell monitor I fixed which is stuck in some "burn in" test mode looks to be really bright!).

i want a case that holds 1 or 2 3.5” hard drives and a raspberry pi and the power supply for all of it, as well as requisite sata/usb crap and fans. back should have ethernet and AC power input.

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Social media isn't dying.

It's turning into broadcast media.

"Faltesek, of Oregon State University, conducted a two-year project to study exactly what kind of content TikTok pushes.

At the end of this exhaustive process of gathering data on TikTok’s algorithm, the conclusion became obvious: 'TikTok is television.'"


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Found 24 new servers found and 34 servers de-listed since 13 hours ago. Check out the Monthly and Daily Stats by software or server or the entire fediverse.

24,704 servers checked. 12,724,780 Total Users, 1,760,852 Monthly Active Users today vs 1,769,623 yesterday for the entire fediverse.

New #fediverse servers found: a #pixelfed server from Germany a #misskey server from Private a #peertube server from France a #peertube server from Canada a #firefish server from United States a #friendica server from Austria a #sutty-distributed-press server from Canada a #peertube server from United States a #mastodon server from Russia a #misskey server from Private a #sutty-distributed-press server from Canada a #akkoma server from United States a #pleroma server from Germany a #lemmy server from United States a #firefish server from Germany a #misskey server from Russia a #owncast server from Germany a #peertube server from France a #firefish server from United States a #takahe server from United States a #mastodon server from France a #writefreely server from United States a #mastodon server from United States a #mastodon server from Private

De-Listed servers:

Help others find a home, send them to

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anyone have any theories what was in S25’s payload bay?

ibm plex mono light is the best programming font ever, fight me

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Successfully nerdsniped @chadmed into adding uclamp support to PipeWire, so now all our fancy DSP stuff will stick to an E-core at 600MHz (which is more than enough for it) to minimize power impact when just listening to music.

(We can do fancy scheduler stuff too, Apple!)

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End-to-end torture testing.

If my speakers don't melt I think we'll enable speakers on j313 (M1 MBA) in one of the next few kernel updates, to test the waters.

“For all its material advantages, the sedentary life has left us edgy, unfulfilled. Even after 400 generations in villages and cities, we haven't forgotten. The open road still softly calls, like a nearly forgotten song of childhood.” —Carl Sagan

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does anyone want to hire me
- meow
- mrow
- mew

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