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for google accounts with advanced protection turned on (aka mandatory hardware FIDO/U2F 2FA), it’s impossible to login on apple vision pro due to the fact that you cannot NFC or USB to your U2F keys. this is a problem.

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A drone that sprays you with "a substance" if it determines that you have an "aggression factor greater than an aggression threshold."
US Patent 11618562

the amazon cunts are putting banner ads inside my order history list now. this angers me beyond words. i am being punished for being a loyal and frequent customer.

wow, AVP is mega mega version 1.0 - i loaded my IMAP email configuration profile on it, and it's "unknown payload" and the account doesn't show up. it doesn't even support adding email accounts from profiles yet, and i see no way to use it to extend a mac desktop across a local lan unless you use icloud on the mac (i don't).

i think visionOS 1.5 or 2.0 is going to make this thing a lot lot lot more useful.

macbook air : ultrabook :: mac mini : nuc

so jwz blocked me (lol, big surprise) but mastodon the software is pathological and now hides all of his *public* posts from me *on my own instance*, even though i can go to the instance he uses and read them all there because they are public. clicking on the notifications of him replying to me now makes them display for a moment then flash away hidden, even though my instance received them. why does mastodon allow remote users to decide what i can read off of my own server? @Gargron

There's a bug in latest/current (v 16.0) that sends remote HTTP requests for messages under certain circumstances even when "block all remote content" is checked in the privacy tab in settings. Thank fuck for Little Snitch.

the Apple Business Manager website only supports Safari, Chrome, or Edge. you can't use firefox, it doesn't even show bugs, it just pops a modal saying "unsupported browser" and tells you to FOAD

nPlayer in the iOS app store says it doesn't collect data on its app privacy label, but its privacy policy says it does, and the app privacy report shows it actually exfiltrating data to google APIs in practice. app privacy labels are self-reported.

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" After a great 25 year relationship Caesars abruptly terminated their contract with DEF CON, leaving us with no venue for DC 32, and just about seven months to Con! "

#defcon #infosec

you can't add more than 6 security keys to an apple ID account. i have a reasonable use case that requires 8.

all of the US flags in oppenheimer are wrong, they are all the 50 star offset star flag, but it's before alaska and hawaii became states, the 48 star flag (all the stars in neat columns) was the US flag at the time of the end of ww2.

such an easy catch, how did they fuck that up?

what are the best mastodon accounts to follow?

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TIL that mickey mouse was created specifically to circumvent copyright protections on a previous lookalike that w. disney had created under contract to universal:

israel, it seems, would not be willing to execute two israelis to kill one member of hamas.

they do seem, however, to be willing to execute 2-5 palestinian civilians to kill one member of hamas.

over five thousand palestinian children have been killed (and at least ten thousand other palestinians) in israeli airstrikes on gaza, in response to a terror attack that killed/captured fewer than 2000 israelis.

going to full scale war is a bad response to a surprise terror attack. it’s a mistake.

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Dear devs,

It's NEVER ok to lock people out of a webapp because their User-Agent doesn't match your predefined list. 😡

Especially webapps they need to manage their healthcare.

(I am in fact using one of the browsers on this list, your code just isn't able to tell.)

:boost_love: Please boost for basic education.


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@Dianepatterson Most people have ... weird ... conceptions of how quickly or slowly medical treatments have developed over the past century. (Or realize that as recently as 1900, about 20% of infants died before their fifth birthday of infectious diseases we developed vaccines to protect us against.)

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While cleaning up, I found a box full of old memories

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