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I've been actively using my laptop unplugged for an hour and it's at 97% battery.

any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

if you have sda, sdb, sdc, ..., sdz, the next is sdaa. finally i have a box with more than 26 hard drives

it is ridiculously astounding what chatgpt can do. if you told me such a thing existed and i hadn't actually seen/used it myself, i wouldn't believe you.

it's insane, chatgpt now functions as a stand-in for my working memory of syntax and 3p library api shape, and i'm a 10x (or at least a 5-7x) programmer again.

TIL the mac mini now has a 10G ethernet option (as a configurable option, not standard, and is only a $100 upgrade).

apple seems to be penny-pinching now

In case you're also into my favorite turn-based tabletop strategy game, I'll be playing NLHE poker on stream on Max Pain Monday live from Hustler Casino in LA about five hours from now (17:00 Pacific, 20:00 Eastern, 02:00 Berlin). The live stream should run for about 4 hours.

Join the Signal chat here:

looks like someone is crossposting my toots without authorization to nostr.

if you are reading this at then you're getting scammed; this account and data is posted only at @sneak on activitypub.

macOS 14.4.0 will phone-home to apple's data collector ( even with analytics off when doing an update. new behavior however is that it will also do this when only "download updates" (but not install them) automatically is enabled.

it also contacts to get the signed boot ticket (and transmit your ECID) at download time, which happens background/automatically even if you've told it not to install updates automatically.

this is your periodic reminder that you should:

a) turn off wifi
b) run an ethernet cable to your computer
c) get a WIRED headset with boom mic
d) use an external webcam
e) use a key light

for fuck's sake it's 2024 learn how to make phone calls

today is actually a full moon so i can’t tell if the full moon rising over the ridge in the joshua tree at night “environment” for the AVP is always a full moon, or if some nameless engineer at apple programmed it to dynamically match the actual phase of the moon.

i really need to update my mastodon and mattermost instances, the latest mobile clients don’t like talking to my servers. this sort of attitude toward forcing users onto an api upgrade treadmill is pathological.

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An absolutely bonkers assault on encryption is happening right now in Nevada.

This week, the state AG moved for a temporary restraining order to stop Meta from rolling out default E2EE on Messenger for under-18 Nevadans. The state's brief characterizes E2EE apps as a tool for child predators. It argues that Meta's claims about E2EE protecting privacy & security are deceptive, so this is a CONSUMER PROTECTION VIOLATION. Oh, and half the brief is redacted.

Brief is here:

for google accounts with advanced protection turned on (aka mandatory hardware FIDO/U2F 2FA), it’s impossible to login on apple vision pro due to the fact that you cannot NFC or USB to your U2F keys. this is a problem.

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A drone that sprays you with "a substance" if it determines that you have an "aggression factor greater than an aggression threshold."
US Patent 11618562

the amazon cunts are putting banner ads inside my order history list now. this angers me beyond words. i am being punished for being a loyal and frequent customer.

wow, AVP is mega mega version 1.0 - i loaded my IMAP email configuration profile on it, and it's "unknown payload" and the account doesn't show up. it doesn't even support adding email accounts from profiles yet, and i see no way to use it to extend a mac desktop across a local lan unless you use icloud on the mac (i don't).

i think visionOS 1.5 or 2.0 is going to make this thing a lot lot lot more useful.

macbook air : ultrabook :: mac mini : nuc

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