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Let's play a game called That's Not Fair
I'll tell you all the rules but one's not there
Guess the one rule that I leave out
You win when "That's Not Fair!" you shout

Did you win? Did you win? I'm sure you did
You thought life was fair, like a little kid
Some games it's not so fun to win
The thing to do: don't play again

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Fun fact: Weird Al's song "Dare to be stupid" came out when Devo was unable to recreate their own sound and Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo said that he hated Al for becoming better than them at their own thing. In his own words: "I was in shock. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. He sort of re-sculpted that song into something else and... I hate him for it."

Also, AV Club calls the song "more Devo than the real thing".

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anyone feel like they never belong in any internet platform? like sure i have discord, twitter, instagram and i digest whatever im into

but at the same time i always feel like a visitor, i never feel like im "belong" there in a sense
i accepted the fact that im "fandomless" but i still feel bummed that i dont have anything to call "my group" n stuff

this place is nice though

sorry for the rant, here a picture of a cute girl to compensate
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i got a death threat from a stranger via email today because i suggested that wearing masks during a pandemic is useful.

the “sosumi” alert sound in macOS has been renamed to “Sonumi”

installing the latest mullvad app on macos 11.x, turning on the kill switch, then upgrading to 11.4 and rebooting connects you to the internet directly.

apple doesn't give a single fuck about your privacy.

how does one get postfix to rewrite the to address header when rewriting via virtual_alias_maps?

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Whenever I lose confidence in my ideas, I think about how Jeff felt about the first iPhone

another day, another instance of google censorship

random access memories isn't that good of an album.

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> make a mechanism to 'draw' on a whiteboard while mining ethereum 2.0
> people draw this
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mailservers use a lot less ram these days

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