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TIL there are on average 80,000 people held in solitary confinement every day in the USA.

america the police state just elected a prosecutor as VP and a cop as the mayor of its largest city.

both are supposedly of the "left"

flee while you still can

apparently exercising one's fifth amendment (and human) rights as a US citizen at the US border is enough to get on the CBP shitlist, which means you're permanently under law enforcement investigation, which means they can forever deny any/all FOIA requests about you per 5 USC 522(c).

uber got turned into the slow and unusable taxi service it was built to replace

the app privacy label for the status eth/messenger app on the apple app store says the app does not collect any data. the app's privacy policy says otherwise. they can't both be right.

fucking postfix has a default maximal_queue_lifetime of 5 days. that's a whole business week! this totally fucked me in the ass this week during due diligence.

who the fuck thinks a 5 day delayed email is acceptable? bounce that shit in less than 24 hours you fool

the CBP FOIA website uses google analytics.

so everyone who was giving money to psychics in feb 2020 has stopped now, right? right??

the green day DLC pack for beat saber is censored and is not the album version.

america sucks

(one of the censored songs is about how america sucks)

beat saber is *insane* amounts of fun.

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Has there ever been anything quite as damaging to online discourse as the existence of 'furries'? These mentally-disturbed individuals rarely use anything resembling logic or critical thinking before typing, have strange fixations on your household pet, and, worse, are largely responsible for the existence and proliferation of 'cloud' computing.

The 'cloud' has poisoned more online conversations than any other 'invention' in the history of computing.

does anyone know why hpn-ssh hasn't been upstreamed

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New to 1.17! Microsoft can now lock you out from multiplayer if you use a Microsoft account. The message is even translated! @nosleep @graf

both etrade and american express send click tracking links via email that are http://, which makes them trivially redirectable to phishing sites.

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