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in other news 10.12 sierra on this imac 5k from 2015 with an upgrade to 40gb ram is downright fucking snappy

the official apple download links for installers for 10.10 yosemite, 10.11 el capitan, and 10.12 sierra are insecure http links:

fun fact: the app store app in sierra (10.12) that is the internet recovery os for imac17,1 will let you download installers for high sierra, mojave, catalina, and big sur without an apple id. archiving them now

the american habit of making breakfast an unmitigated carb orgy is both tragic and maddening

worst part about middle age ain't the aches and pains or the fatigue or young girls thinking i'm a creep when i smirk at them - it's the part where my friends are slowly dying off. i anticipate this curve will get steeper, too.

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**‘Panic made us vulnerable’: how 9/11 made the US surveillance state – and the Americans who fought back**

"It took Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers to reveal the staggering extent of the government’s spying on its own people as institutional checks failed."

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omfg :flan_laugh: :bloblaugh: This is kinda sad..

Just checked the gab source repo to check how much they ruined the code but it turns our they now just dump a archieved file with a password

Guess what the password for the file is.. :angry_laugh:

Those people are just insane :blobcatgiggle:

i think it's almost time to move from a blacklist situation like pi-hole/nextdns to an explicit allowlist of AS numbers or DNS hostnames that outbound traffic is permitted to access, with default deny. this is sad and annoying.

there are zero fast+cheap covid tests available in nevada. you can pay $200-300 to get same day (often with multi-hour waits) or a cheap test only after 2-3 days with appointment. useless if you're trying to decide whether or not to go to work today/tomorrow.

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the security guards in CDG that are presumably responsible for passenger safety are themselves dicknosing so the chance of them enforcing against dicknosers is basically zero. seems the world has given up on stopping covid. humans are sad.

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Weaponizing Censorship Middleboxes for TCP Reflected Traffic Amplification Attack

> Most of these nation-states are weak amplifiers (the Great Firewall of China only offers about 1.5x amplification, for example), but some of them offer more damaging amplifications, such as Saudi Arabia (~20x amplification)


> We found a small number of infinite routing loops that traversed censorship infrastructure (notably in both China and Russia) that offered *infinite* amplification. 💣💥

Many years ago, a friend of mine told me it may be possible to exploit the Great Firewall of China for reflected amplification DDoS. This attack is real! #censorship #infosec #ddos

i like how ridiculously committed the swiss are to tri-linguality in signage

the fact that antivaxxers are like everywhere now is sort of wild. had an antivax driver today. one star

yeah, but what do you think's ON the radio? meat sounds

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