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@HSTG cigarette deaths are approximately 7x opiate deaths every day/week/month.

in 44 hours in california, 19 people were killed in mass shootings.

in those same 44 hours in california, 90 people died of covid.

@andrzej @debacle also that post claims that this won't happen with siri suggestions turned off. i have siri suggestions turned off and it still makes the network request.

also the author of that post is anonymous and has no name or contact info listed on their website.

@louis they emailed me the next day to tell me that the 20 packs i bought had a) shipped out, and b) were not 20 packs, but qty 1. which means i overpaid 2.5x per drive instead of getting a 90% discount. they're getting returned. :( :( :(

@andrzej @debacle you are correct. the article in question does not contradict my post. read it carefully.

i'm actually proud of the fact that i don't own an rj45-db9 serial console cable any longer.

remember kids: linux is only free if your time is worthless

@joeo10 if linux gives you peace of mind then you must have a [very slow] thinkpad from the 90s

@reactorcontrol @rdela @joeo10 how do you disable visual lookup? i never enabled it, and don't know of any setting for it.

PS: i have blocked all traffic from mediaanalysisd to/from apple, and yet live text still works fine.

just told someone born this century about rj45 to db9 serial cables. "for historical reasons, they are baby blue"

@unixviking it's best to not assume worst or best, but simply be aware of the possibility space pending additional data and act accordingly.

@unixviking at best it's a bug. at worst it's surveillance.

@louis $10.75. $1.34/TB. now i need a larger rack because it's only 36 drives per 4U and my little baby rack is almost full

@unixviking as far as i know, rossman did not confirm anything from a technical point of view, he just signal boosted.

tbh nobody's going to know exactly what this process is doing until mediaanalysisd is reverse engineered. all we know now:

1. apple said they would scan local files for csam

2. mediaanalysisd is scanning local files for something or other

3. mediaanalysisd is talking to apple

holy fucking shit i just bought 160 8TB sata disks for $1800

zfs about to get reallllll up in here


"VLU can be disabled by disabling Siri Suggestions in System Settings > Siri & Spotlight, as previously explained."

The API request I observed via Finder QuickLook happened with Siri Suggestions *disabled*. So this response article has some issues.

@unixviking from their article:

"Images viewed in apps supporting VLU have neural hashes computed, and those are uploaded to Apple’s servers to perform look up and return its results to the user, as previously detailed."

So information about the contents of the image is sent to Apple via API. Cool.

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