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american puritanical culture doesn't just want to not be a groupie, it wants to purge the concept of anyone being a groupie. :(

endlessly disappointing that entirely consensual relationships between *adults* is now considered just cause for cancellation, and that those doing the cancelling are using terms reserved solely for rapists ("coercion") and pedophiles ("grooming").

it breaks my heart to see cancel culture out of control.

amazing to me that on the biggest store in the world you can't trust the amp-hour ratings on batteries they sell, and they have no accountability for that.

here's his brother addressing the city council in tears:

note that the pig that did this, John Nicklason, *is still on the street*. the Austin TX PD is not being held accountable.

This is the pig that gave a child permanent brain damage by fracturing his skull with a lead beanbag during a peaceful protest:

two black people were literally lynched (tree, rope, dead, et c) in america in the last two weeks and racist fuckhead newspapers reported them uncritically as suicides simply because that's what the police said. if that isn't enough indicator of systemic racism i simply don't know what is.

if you wanna see how cops really feel about the public and black people, just go read their own forum:

really troubling that Standard Notes apparently fails to sync properly when you firewall off, which is a US military contractor from which it downloads executable code. really beginning to wonder if people understand why we bother with end to end encryption.

hearing white people talking about “the racial inequality crisis” as if it’s new or somehow suddenly a crisis seems racist as fuck to me. this is the best it’s ever been, and it is still terrible. does it count as a “crisis” if it’s a 400 year old problem?

"US Department of Justice" is about as much of an accurate statement as "Ministry of Truth" in 1984

is it constructive possession to own an AR15 with an M4 bolt carrier and also have the 3d printable swift link file or the corresponding t-shirt?

for the record: i do not own a 3d printer, do not own an M4 bolt carrier, and do not own a swift link (3d printed or otherwise) or any other similar device.

i'm just curious about the application of the law by the government. i've no intention of testing it.

i never knew BATFE raided fpsrussia and stole half a million dollars of guns because he had some hash oil for personal use:

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