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substack is a trash platform run by trash people, but this article is spot on, despite greenwald’s general failings as a person

it's such a huge fuck you to a volunteer QA contributor who jumps through the hoops of creating an account on your bug tracker, verifying their email, and typing out a detailed bug report to autoclose it for idleness a year later with classic CADT bullshit boilerplate

banking in germany is such a pain in the dick

why is the internet privacy/crypto community so dogmatic and idiotic and dramaseeking

born late enough for homo sapiens to consider themselves a civilization, too early for them to stop regularly committing genocides under color of law whilst pretending they're civilized.

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HP's mac printer configuration tools are only published in the Mac App Store, which means you must provide a phone number and email address to Apple to get an Apple ID to get them.

i'm not even a huge stones fan or anything but this is one of the most amazing videos i've ever seen on youtube.

is "wen moon" a legitimate question for elon now that he is pumping doge as well as starship?

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why the fuck do presta valves exist

if you have a DNS control panel, you should have fields on each RR for tracking a) who added the record, b) when it was added, and c) notes/what it's for. administrators should be able to make the "notes/purpose" field mandatory.

SN9 test flight imminent, engines being chilled, launch in less than 30 mins:

You can't use HomePods (even to just play music via Wi-Fi) without an iCloud account. You can't use iCloud without an Apple ID, and an Apple ID requires a phone number to create.

This means that you can't use HomePods, a wireless microphone you install in your house, without providing Apple and their government partners a strongly identity-linked unique identifier (a phone number).

Cool, huh?

testing out brutaldon as well. i think i like pinafore better, might host my own copy

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