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shoutout to traefik which defaults phone-home to false and requires opt-in consent to enable its bundled surveillance.

police murder a hundred people a month in the USA.

in 44 hours in california, 19 people were killed in mass shootings.

in those same 44 hours in california, 90 people died of covid.

i'm actually proud of the fact that i don't own an rj45-db9 serial console cable any longer.

remember kids: linux is only free if your time is worthless

just told someone born this century about rj45 to db9 serial cables. "for historical reasons, they are baby blue"

holy fucking shit i just bought 160 8TB sata disks for $1800

zfs about to get reallllll up in here

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My favorite fun fact about the US military is that some old Navy FLTSATCOM satellites have been abused by Brazilians as free CB radio relays, e.g. by truckers to chat on the road.

These vintage 1980s satellites are nothing more than analog linear amplifiers without any authentication. It's open to everyone as long as long you can point an antenna at it, with a RF mixer at the right frequency. The military can't do anything. This audio recording is absolutely hilarious:

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To many of us it was clear that the Twitter files revealed a more systemic problem, and this breaking news goes to show just that.

"Inside the Facebook Files: Emails Reveal the CDC's Role in Silencing COVID-19 Dissent"

is there a foss clone of that i can selfhost?

but as Canada Bill Jones said, "It's immoral to let a sucker keep his money."

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imagine believing russia would lose a land war

twitter blue is not available if your phone number carrier is protected by hardware 2FA, only if you use a phone number from a mobile carrier that lets you get sim swapped.

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anyone know an rtmp switcher/muxer that will play files shuffled or whatever from a media directory and stream RTMP out but then will accept an RTMP stream in to override, without dropping the outbound RTMP stream when the override stream starts/stops?

basically i want to stream 24/7 from a directory, but be able to cut in live and not have the stream stop/start. how do?

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everyone seems to think that my post says that apple is *remotely* scanning your files. it's happening on-device, via a process that speaks to the network. there's no indication what that process is sending or receiving to apple, and i haven't REd it yet to find out.

new battlestation configuration is making some progress

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