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The Left: "The government have done terrible stuff to the black and POC communities and are committing genocide on our LGBT+ friends. The police are out of control. They need to be stopped"

Also the left: "Stop being so paranoid. The government aren't gonna start throwing you in prison for thinking things..."

i really need to update my mastodon instance but it is a custom hacked single container deployment and it ain't broke yet

frantically (last day) same day delivery ordering stuff to maximally pack my suitcase before going home to germany tomorrow where amazon delivery is total trash and same day is an impossible dream

apple blocks on internal apple store wi-fi so i can't look at my photography on the displays to see how they look :/

TIL the antivaxxers have switched to using the term "pureblood" to indicate unvaccinated.

pretty sure this is a more detailed write up of a few of my old HN comments, but i'm happy to see it regardless.

how long until richie hawtin gets cancelled for naming a song Spastik

please recommend fedi users for me to follow. @-tag me and also the user in question so i can click click click

i just emailed about a hundred friends to invite them to my birthday party.

i'm guessing that the majority of them (gmail users) will not see the email because of gmail's aggressive spam filtering.

centralized email systems are censorship.

retail banking in the united states is the single worst customer experience i have dealing with any business anywhere ever (with the only possible exception being emergency medical services in the united states)

so when you pair airpods to a mac, the mac immediately contacts '' from 'searchpartyuseragent'. i screenshotted this connection dialog.

i was viewing the screenshot in finder quick view preview. my first thought: thisisfine.jpg

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