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dear historians: i was there when "sleepy" became "eepy", it was supposed to be a cute shortening but then it just stuck everywhere because it's unambiguous

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25% increase week on week in Covid hospital admissions in England - increases seen across all regions except London. The latest wave continues.

Note that this is not (yet?) the new variant BA.2.86 ("Pirola") which is a small % of sequenced cases, but mostly Omicron XBB variants.

dear : i would like a free software CMS that i can use to back a static site like jekyll or hugo. even if it's just a simple CRUD thing that can make the whole thing available as a JSON URL, i can write twenty lines of script to write out a jekyll `_posts` from that. please advise.

it's crazy how much better the code search in github has become now that microsoft runs it.

the 2 year contract lock in in germany for mobile service is the worst bullshit racket

the canada/mexico iphone i bought (because i need a sim card slot) doesn't speak the 5g bands used in the usa. if i get the one that speaks the 5g bands in the usa, i can't use my german sim card because those don't have sim slots. cool.

i want an expedit/kallax with a 5V usb-c inside each cubby, and one row of 50W PD ports.

it's not required to put cholesterol values on food labels in germany like it is in the USA.

fuck me the vivo x90 has a 517ppi display

like half the friends who have birthdays on my calendar this week are now dead

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"We have removed the Lightning port so now you can plug in your cables which are identified by the lightning bolt icon."

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fat white people on antidepressants saying "primary bedroom"

if there's anything i have learned in my four decades on this planet, it's that you should never, ever mention having a medical problem to festival hippies.

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So following on from that research into why people aren't signing up to the fedi, yesterday I tried a little experiment to remove some of the biggest barriers and help people make the jump.

People complain the process of signing up to mastodon is complicated, and it's hard to find the Good Posts.

So I shared with people who wanted to join two things:
1. An invite link to the server I'm on, to stop them having to choose.
2. My follow list in csv format, to populate the tl with good posts.

should i try to get linux running on my mac IIcx?

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pretty sure i’m going to move to the instance. the other instances i tested out (,,, and of course all to some degree are “protecting me” from seeing some of the totally normal content of folks i'm already interacting with on other instances. seems to show me everything i try to see, so far.

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