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This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

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I got asked about this by somebody from WIRED so I got some numbers together. I believe that Mastodon servers have gained around 49,000 new people since March. Our iOS app downloads rose by 109%. On, I am seeing a 71% increase in sign-ups and 36% increase in monthly active users as people are coming back to their old accounts.

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Twitter is blocking me from posting a link to my mastodon. If I try to post the link, it says:

"We can't complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as potentially harmful"

*Censorship* is harmful. This is an attack on my free speech.

I originally posted this on twitter:

I have now identified Twitter as potentially harmful.

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have y'all considered solving the cyberwar problem by just turning off the computers? we could raise goats. goats are cool, and most importantly, can't run UEFI bootkits.

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“Currently there might be a longer wait time than usual due to increased call volume. There are currently zero callers ahead of you.” 🤔

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if I can just interject for a moment, what you're calling GNU+Linux is more correctly known as Chromium+systemd+GNU+Freedesktop+Linux, or as I've taken to calling it {incomprehensible screeching noise}

why does the creative cloud installer need root? these are fundamentally apps that read and manipulate and write local files, and sometimes talk to the network. nothing about that requires privileged access. apple should come down on this practice.

it's pretty amazing conceptually that the "tesla" brand/word has not meaningfully changed in years, yet the actual practical implementation of what that word means (specifically, multiple insane gigafactories scaling production up 5-10x from before) is like apples to oranges

the fact that the richest person in the world also appears to be the person delivering the most productive and irreplaceable value in the world seems to me as an indicator that the system is working as it should

i wonder if people will look back at us spending person-centuries folding clothes manually the same way we look back at people spending person-centuries washing clothes by hand in the river

I bet the Ax chip in the new studio display uses the same update/iboot mechanism as all of the iphones and Mx macs, so software updates on it will leak your IP (and thus city-level location)+unique serial to apple, plus probably its pairing with your computer's serial.

lol studio displays aren't available for apple in-store pickup in my US metro until 4th of july

and they say apple never pre-announces products

does the "adaptive sync" support in macos 12.x speak g-sync or freesync?

violating sanctions is a victimless crime. the crime is the theft of taxes on trade within the country (to fund violence), or if you trade directly with the government of the evil country, and fund them.

doing business with someone (not in government) in a country subject to sanctions is morally just. so is teaching in a sanctioned country.

what happened to virgil griffith is absolutely shameful. he is in jail for teaching.

anyone with experiences with the asus rog strix xg438q 43" 4k 120hz display? it's like $900 and seems pretty good on paper, thinking about using it as the main/central of my 3 displays on my main/fastest battlestation, so quality is critical.

wondering if i should get a 43" 4k in the middle of my battlestation H instead of this 27" (the imac pro with integrated 27" 5k is going away, side displays are staying) or if that is too big?

i have a 32" 4k at my office now and i love it.

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