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mediaanalysisd seems to not phone home on image preview in 13.2, with live text on or off. then again, who knows if it only does so if its database is a certain age or something?

ok, we've had siri suggestions turned off for ages. now live text is turned off too. let's see what other bullshit this computer does now.

@xorman oh, i didn't know it's that locked up. :( lame. bullshit IP protectionism making our tech worse unnecessarily once again

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@jessicawildfire the anti-minimizing-disease-risk is something i can get behind, though. people are fools, generally speaking.

@jessicawildfire there's nothing in your account to support the conclusion you put forth in the title. maybe it was EBV, maybe it wasn't. people go nuts without EBV too.

yet another new apple phone-home process you can block all network for: ndoagent, the new device outreach agent, which as far as i can tell only exists to upsell spam you. it phones home to fetch which doesn't have much in it.

more info at


I just observed a regression on CVE-2022-32857 (plaintext TSS signing during OS update, leaking unique identifiers to the network via http/80 connections to on 13.1 (M1) when updating to 13.2. My system's ECID was transmitted in plaintext.

@thegibson every time i hear this meme i think of kaminsky

apparent apple software update (13.1 -> 13.2 on M1) phoning home ( is telemetry AFAIK) admittedly via private relay (to obscure client ip) but this is happening with analytics OFF.

apple is using their private relay service (which presumably obscures client ip from apple APIs, but let's take them at their word on this) for a lot of macos-to-apple connections these days.

...including the connections to from the T2/M1/M2 updater process during macOS updates. however, i have analytics off, and no telemetry from my machine should be going to regardless, IP address obscured or not. :/

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behold, a penguin

(too tired to figure out the colors now, good night)

it used to be that a macos would continue to work right if you blocked (apple's remote feature flags api, as far as i can tell). now if you block that, you won't even see the current software updates available on m1. @iBender70 @mysk that mediaanalysisd, a process for scanning local files, is phoning home to apple APIs via the internet without consent or authorization, when iCloud and are not in use at all, and no reasonable person would expect API connections being made to Apple.

@surfingalot this comment does not add any value to this thread

@Cdespinosa why is it doing it for images that aren't under Apple's purview? this happened in finder spacebar preview (quicklook). it's not in or - all the OS has been asked to do is display the image onscreen.

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