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what do you think happens to those on-device checks then?

checking on-device without a subsequent API call is nonsensical.

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Let's suppose you're right. It's inexcusable to upload hashes of my pictures to a third party without my explicit opt-in. No?

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1) other people claim differently

2) those would be on a cdn that apple uses to distribute files, not on hoakley has suggested on eclecticlight that it's part of visual lookup.

all consumer electronics should support zigbee for pushing any/all buttons/selectors on them. all monitors should expose each input selector as a zigbee button, brightness up/down, etc.

@eris i say it because people who say "poly" are gross and i don't want to be lumped in with them

@iBender70 @mysk he claimed that i said macos sends info about local photos to apple. i never made that claim. read my article carefully.

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so despite home assistant suggesting that you can install it using a docker container, one of the main value-adds, "addons", does not work unless you install their custom distro on bare metal or in a VM. cool. ugh.

now macOS is asking me for an apple id login to "Update Apple ID Settings", because "Some account services will not be available until you sign in again."

I never signed in. I don't use an Apple ID. What account services does it think I want?

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@abdulocracy it still phones home to github to do an update check by default :(

the home assistant web interface phones home for all sorts of crap back to the mothership

shoutout to traefik which defaults phone-home to false and requires opt-in consent to enable its bundled surveillance.

@mysk actually you should not spread incorrect information - i never made that claim. read the article again.

police murder a hundred people a month in the USA.

@HSTG i'll never be able to recover the seconds spent reading your reply, sadly

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